On Setbacks

Apr 24

Lest this come across as overly dramatic (though I recognize that’s a not-so-minor personality trait of mine), this is mostly a post for my benefit, so in the future when I’m banged up, I can look back and say, “That was nothing!”

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The first 8 weeks or so of my concentration on the Olympic lifts (before starting at Moorestown Weightlifting Club) included a lot of front squats. Like, a lot. Every workout. Either by a failure of my technique, an imbalance and/or lack of focus on recovery practices, I managed to strain my illiopsoas. I have never paid so much attention to these muscles in my life. I took a week off between programs to try and let it settle down, because what I thought was just tight hip flexors was turning into sharp pain “in the hole” (at the bottom of the squat). Fortunately, since starting with Coach Victor, we are taking things slowly and scaled back the loads while he works on my technique. I have been studiously foam rolling, and tightened up on my nutrition, including supplementation. Much icing is happening. I have about 3 lacrosse balls in the house and in travel bags. Also, I finally invested in some wrist wraps, since my right baby-wrist (I have tiny wrists) is protesting overhead loads at the moment.

I just came off two complete rest days (not even softball games!) and last night as I was foam rolling before bed, the left-side illiopsoas started to hurt worse. Thus far, the right (my lead jerk leg) had been far more acute, but this was even worse. I was exhausted, so decided to leave it alone and try to sleep. As long as I didn’t move, it was fine. This morning, it’s the same or worse – enough that I have a weird hitch when I walk.

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I know this is the name of the game, and that it’s always going to be something. I finally gave in today and took some NSAIDs, and I have a doctor’s appointment Monday (ugh). Freaking out about this is not going to be productive, so I guess I’ll just vent about it here and try really hard not to do anything so meat-headed it impedes my recovery.

On a happier note, I treated myself to bluetooth headphones for training, because I don’t have time to constantly be updating my iPod shuffle with new tunes, and I’m bored easily. I’ll probably try a couple different pairs, but for now, this is the model I’m using. I wanted to be able to set my iPhone nearby and use Pandora, Spotify or Songza while training. These seem easy to pop out for coaching, and no wires; I am the klutziest person I know when it comes to wearing earbuds during a workout. I’m always accidentally pulling them out, then looking around to see if anyone witnessed my awkward maneuvering.


  1. Nooooo. Sorry about your psoas, something that I didn't even know existed until Crossfit.

    • Monica Hernandez /

      I had a dance teacher in HS who was psoas-obsessed…so cool to see another workout for it!

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